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I am a French photographer based in Europe.
I use 35mm film photography for my artistic projects. 
"The French photographer Sarah Blard is a dreamer.
Her images, a mix of film and digital, explore her imagination, in mysterious and wonderful settings. The landscapes she photographs seem to come from a fantasy world, filled with strange colours.
A soothing journey."


Fisheye Magazine

Sarah Blard photographer


Solo exhibition "Fragmentos de Sueños", MomentoLux, Valencia, Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

Collective exhibition, Gallery Modern Blocks, Red Edition, Paris, November 2018

Solo exhibition "Itinéraires Imaginaires"Gallery Passage Pellieux, Beaugency, November 2018

Solo exhibition "Itinéraires Imaginaires"Les Loups de la Butte, Paris, May 2018


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